snapshot: an evening walk in Santo Domingo with a dear friend

As the sun sinks slowly behind the palm trees and coffee plantations it’s glorious golden light graces our cheeks.  As we walk a cool breeze softly pulls at my hair.

We walk past the quiet pueblo-style houses, each block a line of connected homes and connected lives.  Two old men stand outside a deep red house chatting as if they had all the time in the world.  The door stands open, and inside a wrinkled woman with a tight gray bun prepares arroz con pollo and the smell wafts out into the street.

We walk on.  The sun sinks deeper behind the terracotta roofs and is now a fiery orange.  The sky has turned from it’s usual baby blue to hues of soft purples, pinks and oranges.

We pass a group of teenagers, still in uniform from school, gathered around a small window where a man sells ice cream out of his home.  They laugh, and their faces glow with life and deep orange sunlight.

And the sun falls lower, now only touching the tallest trees and buildings.  We pass the church and it shines brightly, almost harshly against the fuchsia and ruby-orange sky.  The faintest hint of incense blows out the open doors, with the warm light of the church.  Inside townspeople gather, some stand and others kneel.

And we walk on.  The sun has now hidden behind the far horizon and left the sky an incredible work of art, painted with shades of warmth.

We walk, we talk, and we laugh.  And I want so desperately to drink all of it in.  To freeze time for a moment, and to never ever forget.  To never forget to be thankful, and to never miss the small moments.  To cherish the people dear to me, and to never to be too busy to take short evening walks with friends.  These are the moments that make memories.  These are the moments that abundant life is made of.


This is a new blog series I’m starting, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  There are moments in life that seem too perfect, and too good to be true.  And I try so hard to remember them.  To freeze time, take in every detail, and etch that moment on my heart.  I don’t want to forget.  I don’t want to ever take this life for granted.  So, this series is about snapshots in time.  Life’s best and most memorable moments.  Because I never want to forget.

*Snapshots is more about mental snapshots…the moments I wish I had a camera in my hand, but even if I did, it couldn’t possibly capture the full beauty of that moment.

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  • Rachael - beautifully written, sister! I felt like i was there walking with you all………

  • Echo - I hope to write this beautiful someday!

  • Hannah Stone - This was really beautiful. The second time I read through it I teared up. The first time I read through it I though, Oh Snap — he sells ice cream from his house?!?!?!