Yesterday was one veeeeeery long travel day.  4 am to midnight to be exact.

and through out the day I had no internet.  zero.  but I thought a lot.  about you.  and all the things I wanted to tell you.  and so many other things.  a few funny things.

I generally like to travel.

I always use the handicapped restroom when I’m traveling (how else am I going to fit my oversize carry-on bags in the stall with me?)

I always always pack oversize carry-ons.  Two, to be exact.

I always eat ice cream at airports (it seems to be the best deal for the price).

I always sit in the window seat and admire the clouds, but I very rarely take pictures (I’m working on it, though!)

I usually fall asleep against the window with my mouth wide open (I really wish I could control that…)

I like to drink apple juice on the airplane.

And for you, especially for you, I did take a picture of the beautiful sky out the plane window.  And in the process, because I felt rushed, I broke the zipper of my painfully over-stuffed camera backpack that I got just 2 months ago!

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  • Hannah Stone - Second you on the apple juice thing.