Google Reader

is the (don’t laugh at my lingo).  But seriously.  If you read blogs…at all you should have it.

I’ve been guilty or being a blog reader for over a year but never signing up for the RSS feed.  It just seemed like too much commitment.  To always have to read that blog.  But then I would forget about blogs for weeks at a time, and miss out on great and wonderful things!  (that might be slightly exaggerated, but you get the point).

But, BUT I found the solution.  And it’s so simple.  If you read blogs, whether it’s two or 200, Google Reader consolidates them all into one page.  It’s kind of like an email account.  The “inbox” are the recent posts.  Every time someone does a new post it goes to your “inbox” and tells you how many you have.  To read the blogs you can scroll down and all the blogs you subscribe too are in chronological order by who posted most recently.  As you scroll past a post Google Reader marks it as read.  How cool is that!?  Or, if you just want to catch up on one blog you can select that one and the “inbox” of recent posts will be just from that page!

Get excited.

Get Google Reader. (it’s free)

And add Alumbra to you RSS feed :)

Here’s a glance at what it looks like!

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