goin to Denver!

the mile high city.  where there are more bike and hike trails than you can imagine.  where it sometimes snows in June.  where my big brother lives!  and where we are headed next week.  and we couldn’t possibly be more excited!

Josue and I are headed west with my parents for a week to hike and bike and eat fabulous gelatto at The Red Trolley in Denver, and most importantly visit my awesome big bro who I hardly ever see!  And my new neice Lola (hint: she’s got big floppy ears and likes to chew on furniture…).  And we are so stinkin thrilled (and a little nervous that my parents are going to whoop us on the bike trails since they’ve been training hardcore)!   But most of all excited!  And we will do our best to take so many pictures (and post them) and enjoy every minute of our trip west!

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  • Rachael - I’m guessing you’re having too much fun in Denver or you’re too exhausted from the biking or maybe a little of both to share Colorado trip pics with us – ha ha:) Wishing we were there too – give them all a huge for us!