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I stumbled out of bed and down the stairs, directly towards the coffee pot.  So much to do today but soooo tiiiiiiiiiiired.  As I sat down at the table with my coffee I flipped open the June edition of the J. Crew catalog and entered a world of beautifully ruffled tops, perfectly messy hair, long necklaces and leather sandals.  The land where a simple top can cost $118, and some flip flops $200.  And as I flipped through I had a strange feeling of familiarity…a sense of déjà vuIs it because I spent too long in the J. Crew store yesterday?  Have I been dreaming of J. Crew?  …gosh, that’s extreme… then it hit me!  I know why it looks so familiar!

I’VE BEEN THERE!  That place where those models are dancing down a runway of cobblestone streets with a tall volcano for a backdrop!  I’ve even PHOTOGRAPHED there!

It’s Antigua, Guatemala!  Maybe the most precious little spot on earth, and very dear to my heart because, not only did I start my Spanish speaking adventure there at the tender age of 17, but I also had the honor of photographing a spectacular destination wedding there last year!  In the same ruins as some of the J.Crew pictures!

So, in honor of funky woven belts and destinations weddings, I thought I’d share!

pin thisAnd in case I needed any confirmation, the top right corner confirms that is the Convento de las Capuchinas!

pin this

and the breathtaking bride near those same arches!

(so beautiful she is often confused with Sarah Jessica Parker)!

pin thispin this

Thanks again, Mafer and Anibal for sharing your beautiful wedding with us!  And happy belated anniversary!

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  • laurel - i love you, i love j. crew, and i love this. that’s all.

  • laurel - i love you, i love j. crew, and i love this. that is all.

  • Michelle G - You are awesome Susannah. I love J.Crew, too. At least I used too when I could justify $118 on a t-shirt. lol

  • Hannah Stone - this is too perfect!!!

  • Jen Creed - That’s so awesome!!! I <3 J.Crew…haven't had time to sit down and go through my catalog yet though!