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When I was a kid we had an RV.  And we hauled our large, loud family all over the country in that big old motorhome.  Sometimes we even met up with my cousins and their even bigger, louder family and I’m pretty sure we cleared out entire campground within a matter of minutes of our arrival.  I’m sure people stared in wonder as one kid after another piled out of our two motor homes and immediately laid claim on their “forts” around that camping area.

We saw the country that way.  Even did Disney with our camper.  And we loved every moment of it.  Those are some of my favorite stories of my childhood.  But our frequent RV trips also meant long hours on the road.  And we became experts in road trip games.  A family favorite was Ghost, a word game that my dad always won because of his extensive medical vocabulary.  We finally banned medical terms.  We also played non-skid checkers, chess, cards, and a million other imaginative games.  My mother was a master of all things entertainment on the road, and my dad a master of maneuvering that abnormally large vehicle on the road.

Last night as Josue and I drove back from Chicago, sleep crept up on us quickly.  With four hours to go we found ourselves in standstill traffic in middle-Indiana somewhere between Brownsburg and Whitesville.  No lie.  I think we reinvented road games last night.  Options for road games are much more narrow with only two sleepy adults, one being the driver, but I think we reinvented road-tripping yesterday.  First we started with a very short game of trivia on the iPhone, but the battery died in a matter of minutes.  Then, as we approached Kentucky, we invented a game of tell-your-life-story-in-30-seconds.  The rules were as follows: Each mile marker we passed, counting down (We started somewhere around 22) we each had to tell a 30 second story from our lives that year.  It turned out to be quite interesting.  But as we drove our last stretch of Kentucky, in a delirious stage somewhere between slaphappy and exhausted, we re-wrote lyrics to Kesha’s songs and re-invented the Thriller dance…car style.  To hip hop music.  We made it home, mostly awake, and in one piece.

Here’s a pic I took as a bored passenger.

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