The World Cup is here!

The World Cup is here and Alumbra Photography is a big fan.  There is no need to specify what kind of World Cup because it’s the only event that paralyzes the entire globe and moves masses.

Since I was young I have loved ‘futbol’; it’s like an ‘IV’ directly to my blood stream.  I used to be a decent soccer player but the spins of life take you to different places and different crowds and I haven’t been able to play or practice as much.  Now days I give myself to the enjoyment of the game either by watching it live at a stadium or via a TV. This month (June 11th to July 11th) it’s one of those special months in life that only happens every 4 years and it’s a total delicacy to the soccer craving pallets.

This is the first time in my life that I will not be in El Salvador for the World Cup and I won’t be able to enjoy it with friends and family.  But surprisingly this is the first time in World Cup history that ESPN will show every single match in the US.

So this month while Susannah works in new alumbra projects I will be watching the World Cup.

An interesting non soccer note regarding this year World Cup is the controversy created by the Waka Waka song by Shakira which is the official song for the World Cup.  The African people were saying that it doesn’t reflect their spirits or culture.  For those that haven’t seen the song check it out here.


Please enjoy the World Cup, it’s always a good time for family and friends to get together, a time for great pictures to be taken, and to laugh, sit, relax, and enjoy.

As a final note Alumbra Photography has made a few modifications to its logo to show its support for the World Cup. Check it out!

pin thisEnjoy la Copa del Mundo!


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