looking for perfection

Don’t we all do it?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel and paperwork and family time and Starbucks!  We are in the process of moving back to the States (yes, the rumor is true!  we are moving back to Kentucky) and in the heat of wedding season and it’s just crazy!

I never expected I’d move back to Lexington and never could have imagined going back to my hometown and visiting houses, apartments, churches and gyms.  Re-making my life here is so different and so exciting.

Every house we visit has it’s issues and imperfections.  If it’s not old oven, it’s beat up floors, low ceilings or a less than prime location.   The price might be right but the street is not.  The floors may be great but I don’t love the bathroom…every house or apartment we visit has it’s problems.  And we’re looking for perfection.  The perfect size (big 2 bedroom), old but renovated (so we can have high ceilings and wood floors), near downtown but not in the heart of downtown, a deck and a sweet little yard with an up to date kitchen.  For a very reasonable monthly pay.  Perfection.

But you know what we’re finding?

(surprise, surprise)

The perfect house doesn’t exist.  Nor does the perfect church, gym, neighborhood, or person.

But as a look at my life I realize, I don’t really want perfect.

Because the obnoxious cabinet kitchen doors, or a friend’s awkwardly loud laugh are what give character, and make them unique.  They become the things I miss the most when I’m gone and the ones I love.

So here’s to surrendering the search for perfect and celebrating uniqueness and character.

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  • Echo - YEAHHH I am so excited we are going to be closer to each other!! I understand finding the perfect place, we just went through all that. Brad starts his job on Monday and we are all moved in!