3 things I’ve learned

while moving.

Last weekend we began the process of moving into our new apartment!  (For those who don’t know, we’ve moved back to Kentucky)!

It has been an incredibly exhausting, yet fun process.

When we moved to Costa Rica we left most of our wedding presents boxed up at my parents house for safe-keeping until we returned, so we have spent this entire week sorting through wedding presents and other boxes of (mostly my) junk.  I had boxes from my sophomore year of college (4 years ago) that I haven’t opened since.  I also had boxes of things that I inherited from my grandmother, give-aways from my mom, and all my winter clothes that I didn’t take to Costa Rica.

So here are a few things I learned as I sorted through my boxes:

1. I love shoes and purses. I’ve always known that, but as I continued to find entire boxes of them, I realized it might be an obsession.

2. I’m an office supply addict. I have more pens and sticky note pads than most people will ever need or use in a lifetime.  And yet every time I go into Office Max, I have to tear myself away before I buy more.

3. I have no trouble making decisions based on emotion. I had a keep and a throw away pile, and the more old cards, jewelry and kitchen utensils I sifted through the more my keep pile grew.  I just can’t seem to get rid of things that I relate with good memories…even if it is just an old soup ladle.

And a lesson I’ve learned from my mom:

4. Life’s too short not to use your fine china. And so we are!  We don’t have dishes and haven’t really found any affordable ones we like, so as my mom suggested, we decided to unpack all our beautiful fine china (from my great-grandmother who was born in 1900) and begin using it.  And I love it.  It makes every meal feel extravagant and special and is totally worth the hand-washing afterward.

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  • Emily - You and I are like the same person. Haha! I love office supplies. I’m like an office-supply addict!

  • Paul Phillips - Right on target with using the fine china! But, I’m thinking that A & E may be contacting you soon to do an episode of Hoarders. It would be interesting to see an apartment full of sticky notes (and soup ladles)!

  • JulieP - Congrats on your move! I hope it works out great for the two of you. Do you think you will miss Costa Rica?

    We move a lot…so it definitely keeps me honest on the whole decluttering thing! It makes so much easier!

  • Echo - I can totally be on the same page with you on this. I felt like I have reorganized my life this week with our move as well!

  • Jen Creed - Yay for moving!!!! Congrats :) Let us know if you ever want to come visit Nashville, we’d love to help you!

  • Jen Creed - Oops. That should say “love to have you!” instead of help you. Haha sorry! You all are awesome :)