Kentucky Proud: Kenny’s Farmhouse White Cheddar Cheese

Kentucky is a beautiful state.  Rolling green hills, horse farms, rivers, lakes and even mountains make up the terrain of my home state.  And I’m so proud to be from here!

They have recently developed a whole line of products that are Kentucky Proud, and it is so exciting to see all kinds of neat stuff coming out of Kentucky!  I am working hard to buy local as often as possible and this is a great way to do it!

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So, to introduce you (and me) to some fun new Kentucky products I’ve decided to try some out and review them!

First up is Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, aged white cheddar.

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I consider myself kind of a cheese connoisseur.  I mean, I’ve had no real training but I’ve spent a lifetime loving cheese and trying varieties from around the world.  I was a little skeptical about Kentucky-made white cheddar cheese, however, I was pleasantly surprised.  The taste is somewhere between medium and sharp and the texture is on the creamy side, which I didn’t expect.  It tasted exceptional with Whole Wheat Ritz crackers but would be great grated into veggie soup or for something as simple as grilled cheese.

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese has a whole line of different cheeses that I look forward to trying!

And on a side note, you may have noticed that the cheese pictures seem exceptionally naturey.  They were taken on my back deck, as our new kitchen is lacking in natural light.  I was spoiled by that bright white kitchen in Costa Rica.  You can expect most food pictures to now be take with a beautifuly natural background of the trees of our deck.

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  • Sandra Marlowe - I loved reading this, and the pictures are great. That one on the deck rail looks like it could have been taken on Kenny’s farmhouse porch! So glad that you are highlighting some Ky Proud products.

  • abby - That looks delicious! Where did you find it? Fresh Market?

  • Susannah - I bought it at Good Foods Co-Op but you can get it quite a few places…even some of the nicer Krogers carry it!