Family pictures: The Bullocks

Many many moons ago, back when I had a bowl cut and a patch covering one of my eyes under my glasses and lived to trade pogs in the 2nd grade, my big sister met a boy.  And he started coming around quite a bit.  Sometimes that nice boy would pick me up from school or take me to swim practice somewhere between singing in the church’s high school choir and wooing my sister, and he quickly became like family.

A few years later he gave her a ring, and she put on a pretty white dress and they were married on a hot August day in Kentucky.  And while they were working on raising their first then second (then 3rd and 4th) children, Aaron’s younger brother and I went on multiple youth group functions together, and our families started to become friends!  Over the past few year the Bullock family has become like an extension of our own family.  We’ve celebrated Easter, Mother’s day and other holidays together since.

So when I got the invite to photograph them in their own beautiful backyard, I couldn’t have enjoyed at more!  Just look at that good looking family of blondes!

Jack and Cheryl  (a.k.a. Oma and Papa) with their adooooooorable grandkids!

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oh my gosh.  is she not so precious?pin thisbut then again, look at those good lookin this

and Uncle Aaron is sooooooo smitten!  His first niece!pin this

They are a serious game-playin family.  Don’t come ’round the Rook table unless you can handle some heat.

pin thislook. at. that. this

13 years and counting!  My big sis and the world’s greatest brother-in-law!

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here they come…!pin this

and my absolute faaaaavorite…

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p.s. Those adorable kids?  They’re my nieces and nephews.  Except the littlest…she’s an honorary niece.  :)

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  • Echo - Hoowwww cute!

  • abby - Precious pictures! I can’t believe how quickly Rachael’s kids have grown up:)

  • Sandra Marlowe - These pictures brought tears to my eyes – they are so beautiful! I really like the Rook picture with Keyli trying to see Aaron’s cards, like she’s been coached to send signs to her Dad!

  • Rachael - Your opening story brought tears to my eyes as the memories flooded back. SOOOOO precious! You did a great job – as always – with the pics! The setting and weather were both perfect – I love the way the sun shines through the trees in the background. :) It truly is an amazing blessing for Aaron & I to both have such wonderful, loving & close-knit families.

  • Jessie - Susannah,
    These are fantastic. I love all of them,but I agree, the last one is my favorite!
    Great job!