A year ago today…

We overslept our 5 am alarm and missed our cross country flights to San Francisco.  The most expensive 2 hours of sleep in my life.

I wiped my groggy eyes and pulled a stray bobby pin out of my hair and glanced at the alarm clock.  6 am.  6 AM!!!!!!!!!! Our flight leaves at 6:10! This is not possible!! And like that I was awake, and I remembered.  I’m married!  I’M MARRIED!!!
A year and a day ago on a perfect August day at our family farm in Washington county I walked down the world’s longest, most beautiful aisle and married the man of my dreams.  From the perfectly crafted flower balls, to the blue fans, mini roses, red shoes, and live jazz music.  It was everything I had dreamed and more.

And it’s been a whole year.

It feels like a few weeks and 15 years all at the same time.  A freight train of moments, laughter, tears, friends, late night movies, and  million pasta dinners and perfect Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market.  And it has been incredible.  Doing life with my perfect match.  From the mundane things like folding laundry and stacking socks to the excitement of international travel…together…it is so good.

And because I don’t want to forget…

a quick overview of our first year of marriage

Our beautiful wedding

and beautiful yet disastrous trip to San Francisco

Dottie’s cafe

biking the bay

Labor day at Jaco (playing Rook, of course)

trips to Nicaragua

trips to the beach

eating at Taco Bar

La Zona Roja

Denny’s with friends

La Antojeria Mexicana


Colorado with the parents

Chicago for paperwork

Missouri with the in-laws

and a perfect August 1 dinner at Bella Notte with both our parents.  A perfect way to end our first year and begin the many yet to come.

Oh, what’s that?  You want to see pictures?  … :)

pin thispin thispin thisall pictures by our wonderful friends and fabulous photographers, Catana Photography.

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  • Julie Comfort - Happy anniversary! I hope all is well back in the US.

  • JulieP - Beautiful! Happy 1st year!

  • Michelle G - Oh I’m tearing up! Happy Anniversary!!

  • Anibal - Felicidades a los dos!

    You guys really need to fly down here sometime

  • Celeste - LOVE THESE!!! Congrats on one year! how exciting!