family…cousins, specifically

“WHERE’S THE PERMANANT MARKER?” someone yells over the sounds of kids running, moms cooking, sisters chatting, and cousins laughing.  And so it begins, the insanity of any holidays and reunions in my family.  Or any get-together, really.

Marlowe (and Williams) get togethers consist of the following:

-many plastic cups marked with names

-more board games than any one family should own

-late nights

-too much good food

-hours of good belly laughter

-the occasional game of flashlight tag, mafia, or murderer in the dark

-multiple kids of all ages

and so much more.

I’m from a very big, very loud, very loving family.

and I am so grateful.

I think every day I realize a little more what a blessing family is and how incredibly fortunate I am to have one that is so full of love.

I can’t begin to put into words what it means to me to see this being passed on to the next generation of Marlowe and Williams kids, so I won’t try.

Maybe this could say it better:

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  • Sandra - Once again I have tears in my eyes from your post. Beautiful! God has been so good to us. I can’t imagine life without a fun and loving family…and cousins SO rock.

  • Rachael - oooooh! I LOVE it!! The new blog look is SO AWESOME! You all are just gorgeous – can’t wait to see how beautiful your kids will be someday! This picture is truly priceless! I think we need to get one printed to hang at the farm – huge thanks to Doc and the uncles for making the dock – I really think we could call it “Doc’s Dock” – LOL! I’m SO glad to have you all back here to enjoy all the crazy family gatherings. Another cousins weekend is just 2 weeks away – yippee!!!

  • David - What a GREAT pic, Susannah!!! Love it!!

  • emily - I look at this picture and I can’t help but think of the little lives that have so much hope and love ahead of them. It feels like just yesterday when this was us. Words cannot express the gratefullness I feel to the Lord Almighty for allowing me to be born into the Marlowe family. It is great to see the legacy continue….

  • Hannah Stone - This picture is too perfect. Can I please be a Marlowe?

  • Dad - How absolutely precious! Just exactly the kind of thing I hoped the farm would be for our family and extended family. Thanks for capturing my hopes so well with you photo and blog! What a great joy to have you and Josue here.