Wedding: Arig y Ricardo (part 2)

pin thissi que fue una fiesta!

and boy, was it a par-tay!

pin thisllena de candelabros, champagne, buena musica y baile!

filled to the brim with chandeliers, champagne, good music and dancing!

pin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thisempezaron con musica arabe!  La familia de Arig es de Libano y Arabia Saudita entonces abrieron con musica Libanesa en vivo!

they started with arabic music!  Arig’s family is from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia so they opened the party with live Lebanese music!

pin thispin thisy saben bailar!

and they sure know how to dance!

pin thispin thisy despues llegaron los profesionales…bailarines libaneses profesionales!

but then came the professionals!  as in professional Lebanese dancers!

pin this

y fue increible!  No podia dejar de tomar fotos!

and they were amazing!  I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

pin thisy despues invitaron a todos a bailar con ellas!

then they invited everyone to join!

pin thispin this

y despues de un tiempo de musica Libanesa y baile Libanese, llegó la banda latina!

and after a killer set of Lebanese music and dancing, then came the Latin music!pin thispin thispin this

y todos bailaron!  …de todas edades!

and everyone danced!  …all ages!

pin thispin thisdescansaron un rato para tirar el bouquet y cortar el queque

they took a break for a bouquet toss and cake-cutting

pin thispin this

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  • Nina - Everyone is wearing white! HOw cool! Is that standard, or was that a request? Love it!

  • Susannah - yeah! It was a request of the bride…really cool…minus the mud and rain outside!!!

  • Shannon Heitzman - What a beautiful and fun wedding!!!!

  • Celeste - these are some of your best yet :) I love them! They made me say “wow these look amazing and professional” and then I reminded myself YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL!!! You’re AMAZING!

  • Rachael - I LOVE the adorable little ones dancing – they are precious!!