Mammoth Cave

We waltzed through the forest in our jeans and t-shirts, pouring sweat in the 110 degree weather.  What was in reality a 5 minute walk from the visitor center to the cave entrance felt like an eternity in that thick heat and humidity.  As the path took a curve the temperature dropped drastically and there was a cool 60 degree breeze blowing on us up from the cave mouth…like natural air conditioning!  NEAT!  …especially when you think you might die of heat exhaustion…or excessive sweating.

Our very large tour group (probably 100 or so people) included my parents, my little brother, my big sister and my very adorable 2 nieces and 2 nephews.

What?  you want to see pictures?  why of course…

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I know…too cute.

But since this post isn’t just about my adorable nieces and nephews…

pin thisthe cave was sooo neat!  and soooooo big!  It has more than 300 miles of mapped caves within it…and…

there’s still more!!! like approximately 300 more miles of caves!


In this picture you can see names scratched and smoked into the ceiling from the 1800’s!  Many were smoked or scratched in by slaves who at that time were the cave tour guides.  Many learned to write that way!

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I have to admit that I kinda loved the very scarce lighting in the caves…made for some fun dramatic cave-like shots!  ;)

pin thisthe tour guides are very knowledgeable…we learned all kinds of cool stuff on the tour about Kentucky history, and the history of the cave.  It is SO worth visiting!pin thisit was very very sad to leave the incredible cool air inside the cave and head back out to the heat so thick you could grab it in your hands, but alas the 2 hour tour this

I’m a little embarrassed to share that this was my first trip to Mammoth Cave…ever. And yes, I was born and raised in Kentucky just a few hours away from that incredible International Heritage Site.  But I’m proud to say I’ve been now and I’d love to go back.  Seriously, it was an incredible day trip for the whole family…we were all so intrigued!

Happy Friday (Praise the Lord)!!!  Have a fabulous weekend!

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  • Rachael - It was SUCH a blast! The cave pics are awesome but of course I’m partial to those adorable kiddos. You forgot to mention our “picnic” lunch with 9 of us squeezed in the car with AC because it was too hot outside – that was quite hilarious! Fun memories…..

  • Echo - I have been dying to go there! I am so happy you shared!!