Somedays…ok, let’s be real…most days I smack snooze at least 10 times before I get out of bed.  Which means I set my alarm at least 45 minutes ahead if not more, to give myself time to snooze.

To me, one of the most perfectly luxurious things is to be able to sleep in on a day off, with no alarm to snooze and doze for a few minutes at a time, waking up just enough to glance over at my sweetly sleeping husband and enjoy the warm morning sunlight on my face, then drift back off into sweet dreams.

Another luxury I’d love to someday afford myself is a vanity.  And the time to use it.

I love in old movies where graceful female characters like Elizabeth Bennett spend an hour or so each morning slowly brushing their hair and making themselves beautiful in one of those classic, old-timey vanities with a beautiful stool and a mirror.

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Something like that beauty from Restoration Hardware.

And if I’m honest with myself I’ll probably never have the time, or want to set aside the time for a luxury like that, but on the occasional day that I sleep in, maybe I could do my make-up at the vanity too.

What are your favorite little luxuries in life?

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  • Ava - I want an old-fashion vanity soooo bad. I search Craig’s List daily for one! I think they are so romantic.

  • Kim - Ooh, Susannah, we are sooooo alike with that snooze button. I actually HAVE a vanity, but find myself snoozing ’til the last possible moment and opting for speedy (i.e. standing) morning grooming. One of my favorite indulgences is a big pot of coffee and the time to enjoy it with a newspaper on (late) Saturday mornings, although the local newspaper isn’t what it used to be and a laptop doesn’t quite give me that same sense of tranquility… By the way, what happened to that incredibly early rising little girl I used to know?

  • susannah - she’s in there somewhere, I think, and she’ll I’m sure she’ll resurface someday when I start going to bed a little earlier!

  • Michelle G - We are wish-twins! I love that vanity and love that store. So much. Brings me peace just looking at it. le sigh.