Wedding: Brian and Laura

September 4, 2010 was a perfect day in Lexington.  The kind of day that makes you wish you could bottle it up and save it for the dead of winter or the heat of summer just as a reminder of how beautiful it can be here.  The sky was bright blue with a speckling of white fluffy clouds that raced across the sky, and the trees danced as a crisp wind blew through.

A perfect day to be married.  Especially if your favorite season is fall!

As Laura looked in the mirror and adjusted her veil one last time, her eyes glowed with joy and anticipation.  And with that, she was ready.  Ready to marry the man of her dreams.  Minutes later she glided gracefully down the aisle, all smiles as her groom awaited her at the end.  Brian and Laura said their vows, took communion, gave a kiss and walked back down the aisle as husband and wife!

Brian and Laura,  Congratulations!  Your wedding day was spectacular and we were so honored to be a part of it!  Thanks for sharing your love and your joy with us!   I have no doubt that your life will be one full of joy and laughter.


Josue and Susannah

pin thispin thisI loved these beautiful handkerchiefs that Laura and her bridesmaids carried…so beautiful and timeless!

pin thisEven in a different frame Brian can’t take his eyes off of her!pin thisa little gift from the bridal party to you, Brian and Laura!  You had a great wedding day “cast”!

pin this“you’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you…”

pin thisthe ceremony was beautifully done…I love the look in Laura’s eyes in the one on the thisthe tasty cake!pin thisso this is the cutest idea…they had wedding pictures of their parents and grandparents at the reception!  So sweet!pin thisthe grand exit, complete with beautiful weather and bubbles!pin thisafter the wedding we did a quick session of the bride and groom at the beautiful Ashland.

pin thismaybe because I’m still a little girl inside and I believe in princesses and fairytale endings…I love the picture where he is spinning her!  She looks so beautiful and elegant!  Like a princess!pin thisso, so thispin thispin thissuch a timeless picture…pin thispin thispin thispin thispin this

and they lived happily ever after!

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  • Rachael - beautiful!!! thanks for sharing! :) your words & photos transport us to that special day!

  • Laura Jewell - Yeah! All I can say is thank you! We will always cherish these.

  • Sheena Hutchison - Absolutely wonderful pictures!…Laura and Brian, you make a beautiful couple..God bless!

  • Cady Lindberg - Its difficult to type through the tears – you are so beautiful! Truly a fairy tale princess! Foster and I pray a lifetime of happiness in the Lord for you and Brian. We love you and miss you…