The Elliott Family

A few months ago, my friend Amanda contacted me about pictures of her family.  Her whole family.  And as we began to look at dates, and spent over a month finding one that worked for everyone, I began to realize that this family might be just a little bit like mine…big, fun, and busy!

Sure enough, picture day came and on a hot August afternoon Josue and I took a trip up to Louisville and spent a few hours with the Elliotts.  They are the kind of family that you can’t not smile around!   First there were pictures, then there was food.  And these people know how to throw a party…with the 3 most important ingredients…family, fun, and food!  There was barbecue, and (the world’s best) mac ‘n cheese, and there was even incredibly tasty homemade Korean food!  What more could you ask for?

Dear Elliott family, thanks so much for letting us share such a lovely afternoon with you!  We had a blast taking your pictures and we hope you enjoy the end result!

-Josue and Susannah

It all began with a good-looking, fun-loving couple who fell in love.

pin thisthen had 4 good-looking, fun-loving kids!pin thiswho went on to have their own kids, growing the happy family exponentially!pin thispin thispin thispin thiswe laughed so hard here…like father, like son, I think!  they naturally sat in the exact same pose!

pin thisthe momma and her (now grown) girls!pin thisthe next generation of little girl…isn’t she beautiful?

pin thisends up that kids really like trampolines, and the best pictures we got all day of Emmalynne and Elias (the two youngest) were on there!pin thispin thishorray for pictures, and family and trampolines!!!pin this

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  • Amanda - This was such a fun day to get everyone together- thank you Susannah for doing this!!!

  • Rachael - SOOOO adorable! Love that red dress on Emmalynn! The family pics look fabulous!

  • Michelle G - These are fabulous! I love the one of mom with her girls.