surprises in boxes

So many new things are happening around here and I’m working just to catch my breath from running to keep up!  We have been so beautifully busy these days and I’ve taken every excuse not to blog.  Forgive me!  The cool air entices me outside to pick apples and drink cider…not blog.

But that’s no good…because this blog isn’t just about sharing.  It’s about remembering.

I don’t want to forget these cool dark mornings in our cozy apartment, cups of tea, games with friends, endless editing, and exciting package arrivals!

So I’m back to share.  Maybe not every single day but I’m gonna aim for 4-5 times a week.  That ok?

So today I’m sharing an unfortunately low quality (iphone), yet super exciting photo of my huge packages that arrived yesterday!  I’ll show you what is in them soon enough… though some of you may guess just from the pic!!!

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Happy Fall, friends!  Go enjoy that perfectly crisp air before it turns too cold!

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