sometimes I talk too much

And I’m sure that just about anyone who knows me would agree.  I was the kid whose teachers always wrote something on my report card about good behavior but talks too much.  Because…

When I’m nervous, I talk.

When I’m scared, I talk.

When I’m excited, boy, do I talk.

When I’m frustrated, I talk.

When I’m sad, I talk.

and the list could go on.

I’m likely to tell you my whole life story the day I meet you, dirty little details and all.  And if you ask my opinion, I’ll certainly give it to you, and it will probably come with a 15 minute anecdote from my life that explains why I feel the way I do.  If I’m having a rough day (or a great one) I’m likely to vent to the nearest living thing…whether it’s the clerk at the grocery store or my dog.

It dawned on me after a client meeting last week at which I was (as usual) more than a little bit nervous.  And I talked. and talked. and talked the sweet couple’s ears off.  It’s my coping mechanism.  Not really a good one…because I sometimes say things I shouldn’t.  or don’t mean.  or that no one really cares about but me!

So friends and readers, thanks for bearing with me.  :)

Happy Monday!

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  • Echo - I think you and I may be one in the same ;) Hope your doing well!

  • Shannon Heitzman - I totally understand!! But lately I have really been trying to watch myself ;)