Sneak Peek: Tyler and Erin

Tyler and Erin enjoy one another.  You can see it in her smile as he holds her close, in his look of contentment as she rests her head on his chest, and you can hear it in their laughter.

Our Saturday afternoon engagement session was beyond fantastic.  We met out at Talon Winery (where they will be wed in March!) and shot some there, before heading back to a friend’s house for a cooking extravaganza!  Here’s a peek at our Saturday afternoon together!

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  • Erin Arnold - Susannah! I love it! :) I cannot wait to see the rest! You are so awesome!

  • amber wilburn - i adore this kitchen shot!!! love this. great work!

  • Michelle G - Great work Susannah! Love the kitchen shot, too. And how happy they are in the barn shot!