Engagement: Bonnie and Clyde (aka Lindsay and Cole)

The combination of 2 totally-awesome, game-for-anything, incredibly-in-love people + 1 really-incredible-family-who-happens-to-have-an-awesome-farm-and-antique-cars = a really awesome fall photo shoot…

with a Bonnie and Clyde theme.

Lindsay and Cole…this was a BLAST, and I can’t wait for the wedding in May!

Brake family…thankyouthankyouthankyou!

pin thispin thispin thisLindsay, you’re GORGEOUS!

pin thispin thisfind the photographer…

pin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thisthen we did a lil wardrobe change to a more “on the farm” look…pin thispin thispin thisand Cole wished he had this for his car…pin thispin thisthey even did their own American Gothic.pin thispin thispin thispin this

To see the rest of the images from this session click here!

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  • Nina - Fantastic shoot, Susannah! Love all of ’em!

  • Sandra - What a great bunch of pictures! Beautiful couple, settings, and props. Suitcases from the 40s – how fun is that…nice touch.

  • JulieP - Lovin’ this! Nice Job!

  • Lindsay - OMG!! Susannah these are beyond wonderful!!

  • Whitney - Love these!

  • Michelle G - Great session Susannah! I love all the variety here. What a fun couple!

  • Kathleen - Great styling and compositions.

  • Azure - These are so fun! What a gorgeous couple, and fantastic work!
    I LOVE the images of them in the old car!

  • Liz - What a fun session! So bright and colorful! Cute couple!

  • Kelly Mack - WOW that is just awesome! Beautiful couple, beautiful car and beautiful photography. Love love love!

  • Brandi-lee - WOW, love your style, these shots are beyond gorgeous!!!

  • Rowena - Wow!!! Stunning portraits and good looking couple! Love your work and creativity!

  • Carrie - WOW! These are amazing!

  • ashley - LOVE! Wow this is one amazing session! So impressed. Fabulous!

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