so much to be Thankful for…

like the Josh Groban song…I call it the Thanksgiving song even though it’s on his Christmas cd.

I am overwhelmed when I think about all that God has blessed us with…my heart is exploding with joy and gratitude as the holidays near (where did 2010 go?).

To name a few (in no particular order)

-the world’s greatest and sweetest husband…life’s just better with him and I couldn’t be more thankful.

-news (this week) that our immigration paperwork is moving along- Praise the Lord!  I’m ready to have my hubby back!

-the most wonderfully loving family (mine and his)

-a place to belong…it’s easy to take for granted

-the ability to work

-a very exciting little business

-freedom to work and worship

-eyes to see and ears to hear


-wonderful clients

Thank you for being you.  Thanks for reading, commenting, and being a part of my life.  I’m grateful every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you eat enough turkey and cranberries to hold you over for the next year and enjoy the people you spend the day with…whether it’s friends or family.  I hope you laugh a lot, rest a lot, and decorate a lot a lot.

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  • Rachael - I’m SO thankful for YOU! Love ya sis! :)

  • Liz - Happy Thanksgiving