Engagement: Kateland and Scott

Who in their right mind wakes up at 3 a.m. to drive 3 hours…for the sake of pictures?

These two, apparently!  When we set our date and time for their session, I knew 8 am was an early session time but they were game!  What I didn’t consider was that their drive to our chosen location would be three times as long as mine, and since it is in a different time zone, they had to wake up an hour earlier.

But they did!  and without complaints! Oh, and did I mention that it was 28 degrees outside when we started shooting?  If you look closely you just might see their breath in a few pics…

Kateland and Scott, thanks soooo much for allowing us to take your engagement pictures, and for being so flexible about our time and location! pin thislook at that sunlight through the trees!!! …that is why you woke up at 3 am…pin thispin thispin thisone of my favorites!  taken by Josue…pin thispin thisall. time. favorite.pin thisKateland and Scott first met…studying.  He was her science tutor in college!pin thispin thispin thischeck out that stunning ring!pin thispin thisso sweet.pin thispin this

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  • JulieP - These are awesome! I loved the one with the books!

  • Rachael - totally gorgeous!!! Kudos to Josue for the GREAT shot! Love LOVE LOVE the bright sun one – wow!!

  • J. - THE BOOKS! And her hair! Adorable couple