Engagement: Erin and Tyler

Our sweet friends Erin and Tyler are getting MARRIED!  And they’ve given us the incredible honor of photographing their wedding (and engagement pictures).

We spent one GORGEOUS fall afternoon frolicking around Talon Winery (where they’ll be getting married in March), then baking a sweet lil “love cake.”

They are desperately in love with live and in love with one another and are two of the most fun and encouraging people to be around.  Their eyes and smiles say more than their words…their love and joy overflow!

Tyler and Erin, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your journey.  We love you, and can’t wait for your big day in March!

It began in a beautiful barn…

pin thisand a whole lot of cuteness…pin thisthen there were the golden fields…(I swoon)pin thisand good belly laughspin thispin thispin thisI loooooove this set!pin thismmm…and this one at sunsetpin thispin thisthen we went back to a friend’s house to bake away!pin thisand throw food at one another…pin thispin thispin thisbut there was still plenty of love.pin thispin thisand laughter…pin thisand fun!pin this

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  • Stephanie Lyell - I love the kitchen shots! Those are so much fun :)

  • Sandra - Wow. What a fun and adorable bunch of pictures. How creative! Great couple – fun to get a taste of their zeal for life!