Best of 2010

(slightly belated) …2010 flew by…I know we say that every year but with an international move and a whole lotta travel, I feel like I blinked and it’s over!  It was a very good year…full of growth, friends, family and really wonderful clients.  Here are a few (ok, more than a few) of my favorites!

The year started on January 2 with the beautiful but frigid wedding of our dear friends Cali and Josiah.  As a photographer (Selah Photography) Cali was not willing to compromise for her pictures and thus did all of their wedding portraits outside.  In the snow.  And 11 degree temperatures.  For two hours.  …and this is why:

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pin thisthen came our super early morning engagement session with Kateland and Scott… I adore this picture!pin thistropical evening wedding…mmm :)pin thisa little Costa Rica (my heart aches a little when I see this…I wanna go back! …to visit, that is…)pin thismy precious nieces and nephews and cousins…lovin some family time down at  our thisanother from Cali and Josiah’s wedding.  It’s thisa secluded Costa Rican beach in Guanacaste…pin thispin thisthe incredibly sweet (and recently wed) Willy and Ely!pin thiskids should be kids…for photo sessions as well!  So what did we do with these adorable munchkins?  jump on the trampoline!  No more uncomfortable posey stuff!pin thisNate and Emily’s Las Vegas session, now these sweet friends are about have a sweet baby girl! pin thisEsteban and Laura’s engagement session was so sweet…and it was featured on Jesh de Rox’s Beloved blog!!!pin thisCeleste and David’s Thanksgiving wedding…was thisour sweet friends Fabricio and Laura were celebrating their anniversary…their love is as sweet and fresh as it must have been 10 years ago!pin thispin thisthis picture does it for me.  St. Louis zoo.  Hippopotomuses playing/fighting.  kid’s hand on the window as he watched in thisperfect Keeneland engagement…Kristi and Jared looked SO awesome!pin thispin thispin thisJason y Pamela’s beauuuutiful engagement session up in the green mountains of Costa Rica (Los Nubes de Coronado to be exact).pin thispin thisJesse Lopez…musician.  He likes to play in the streets at night after his gigs too. thispin thisJimena…DANG look at those eyes!pin thisNatasha and Morgan’s May wedding…soo adorable!pin thisCeleste and David’s June engagement shoot at the Lake.  I love how happy they look!pin thisand how could I not include Lindsay and Cole’s vintage engagement shoot!?pin thispin thissweet Claire Grace…Keeneland October 2010.  She’s ridiculously cute.  I thisfrom a Mi Ciudad Anhelada concert…pin thisand their promo shoot!pin thispin thisI heart this dress shot from Morgan and Natasha’s thisand thisSylvia and Arturo were so adorable on their wedding day…soooo in love!  And now expecting their first child!pin thisThis picture takes my breath away.  every time.  Stephanie and Nathan- September thispin thisThe bubbles floating down, lit by the light over the door as guests awaited the bride and groom for their send-off!pin thisa Costa Rica sunset from our window.  I miss thisthe super fun promotional shoot of the incredibly talented videographers of Surrealista Costa thispin thispin thisI couldn’t pick just one…pin thisthe buttery golden light.  big black gates.  green trees.  adorable twins…does it get any better?  Samantha and Sophie, October thisanother favorite from Cole and Lindsay’s October engagement session!pin thisTyler and Erin’s Talon winery engagement…stole my heart. pin this…so much thisthere does not exist a picture that better describes this family.  I LOVE this family portrait.  and thisthe complete Bullock family!  …I love that tree!pin thisBrian and Laura’s wedding day could not have been more beautiful!  65 degrees with sunshine and a breeze!  I love this shot of them that we did post-wedding at Ashland.

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Baby Judah…just a few days old and posing for the camera!

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These two!  I couldn’t pick just one!  I love the one of Michelle kissing him and his sweet little toesies!pin this

the dancers at Arig’s wedding.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I was memorized!  and so was my camera!pin thisthis picture so perfectly describes Arig and Ricardo’s wedding!  It was rainy (hence the umbrella) and getting dark quick during their ceremony but not even rain on their wedding day could wipe those big smiles off their faces!

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So many things can change in one years time.  We’ve learned a lot, and can’t wait to do it all over again (even better) in 2011.  Thank you to each and every my clients who made this year so incredible!

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  • JulieP - These are gorgeous!

  • Sandra - Please do this every year. Just beautiful,from start to finish.

  • Stephanie Lyell - What a wonderful collection. I loved looking through it, reading your descriptions, and being surprised from one photo to the next! Great job :)

  • Natasha - Such beautiful photos Susannah! You are an amazing photographer and a true artist

  • Rachael - LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these! Definitely should become an annual tradition – so much fun to re-live all those special moments! You are so incredibly talented, my sister!

  • Wayne - Z,
    Great photos and what a wonderful thing to look back over the year and enjoy. Thanks, you really are gifted and capture the essence of the moment.