at perfect peace

as I sit in a cozy coffee shop on this rainy day, I’m editing pictures of beautiful, sunny El Salvador.

And these pictures of cobblestone streets and fuscia flowers pouring over brightly painted cement walls transports me back.  It’s been less than two weeks since I came back to the US but it feels like months …even years.  That’s usually the way it is for me with international travel…there’s something about crossing a border that seems intrinsically tied to time…I guess in my mind distance (whether actual or cultural)=time.

If Costa Rica was my desert (see this post) then El Salvador is like my Promised Land.  A place that has felt like home since I first stepped foot in the country.  I don’t know if it’s the warm sunshine, or the warm people, or the wonderful family (the in-laws) that awaits me there…I guess a perfect combination of all those things.  While I’m there my soul feels a depth of peace that’s rare in the craziness of my life.  My mind rests, my body rests, and my soul recharges.

This trip was extra special because going to El Salvador for Christmas meant seeing my husband for the first time in 6 weeks (but felt more like 6 months).  Because we are working through our immigration papers with the U.S. we’ve had to spend this chunk of time apart.  It’s been tough, really tough, but God is faithful.  Things seem to be moving along fairly well, and thankfully we are both near our wonderful families for the time being.

All that said, here are a few of my favorite pictures from this trip to El Salvador.

pin thisyes please.  blue water, quiet beach, thisone word.  YUM. yuquitas and thisoh the colors! pin thisI think this might be a favorite.  I want to print thisCan we have these year round in Kentucky?  pleeeeease?pin thispin this

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  • Hannah Stone - ohhhhh love the yellow!

  • Rachael - you definitely transported me there with your incredible pics! I think that one would definitely make a really cool print to hang in your home!

  • Josue - Did you notice that one flower petal dropping in the left veranera’s shoot? Perfect timing!