Wedding: Celeste and David

This week{end} is about playing catch up…there are at least 5 sessions/events that I am way behind on blogging so, here I go!

This perfect wedding took place Thanksgiving weekend in my favorite city of the south, Birmingham.  A city surrounded by adorable little European feeling villages, tons of culture, and some of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

Celeste and David are two of those incredibly kind people who live in Birmingham.  It all began when they were set up on a blind date by some mutual friends.  David sent Celeste an email about their first date, and all it contained was a hyperlink…to a location on google maps where they were to meet.  They met there, played frisbee golf, and spent a few hours getting to know one another.  Then they went out again (this time, there was no google maps involved)…and again.

A dear friend of Celeste’s, and super talented musician, Mandy Mapes (you seriously need to download her new cd now) wrote this precious song about these two.  I think her words and lovely voice tell it better than I ever could.

Celeste and David, thanks for allowing me to step into such an important day of your lives and photograph it.  Your joy is an inspiration.  May God bless you with a lifetime of love and adventure together!


this is Sandra, Celeste’s “Birmingham mom” whom Celeste has lived with for the past few years…She and her husband Royce also opened their home to me for the wedding weekend…they are two of the kindest, most giving people I’ve ever met, and they are a joy to spend time thispin thisCeleste wore Tom’s on her wedding day.  And she gave all her bridesmaids a pair to do the same!  And in doing so, gave 5 kids in a third world country new shoes too!  An all around win!pin this

pin thispin thisThis is why you do a first look.  That look.  That moment…there’s nothing like thispin thisI’d like to give a shout-out to my awesome photographer friend Amber who drove all the way over from Atlanta to photograph this wedding with me…and take gorgeous pictures like this one!pin thispin thisCeleste, you’re stunning!pin thispin thisa lil bling blingpin thispin thissome very handsome fellows…in some fantastic suits!pin thisIt was a bit windy that afternoon, and we were having a little bit of veil thisLadies…could you be any more beautiful?  Seriously, this is like a magazine thispin thisUpon entering the church the pastor gave the most incredible charge to David as the groom about his responsibilities as a husband.  He then asked David, “Do you accept these responsibilites” (I paraphrase) and when David said “I do,” the reply…”then we will joyfully await the arrival of your bride.”  The music began, the doors opened and we all cried a little over how beautiful it all was (or at least I did).pin thisthe church they were married in was lovely but also had some very serious restrictions on photographers.  Like we were only allowed to photograph from the back of the sanctuary.  And take photographs like this thisBut that was not acceptable…I wanted Celeste and David to have photographs of the vows, the exchange of rings, and the facial expressions.  So I went outside the church and photographed through the side windows of the church.

Friends, I will do just about anything to get you some pictures of your wedding.  Here’s proof:pin thisLook at these gorgeous reception tables!!! pin thispin thisI think this might be my favorite first dance picture. thisThis one cracks me up!  I don’t know who Celeste was pointing to, but I’m so glad I captured it!pin thispin thispin this

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  • Rachael - SOOO fun & beautiful!! I must say that is one of my favorite dress pictures ever! The fall colors with the chocolate brown are so gorgeous! I would never believe the ceremony pics were taken from outside – they look great! KUDOS to you for doing whatever it takes to capture the moment perfectly! That’s why you’re the best! We’ve never been very good at following rules anyway – we seem to be good at finding a way around when we want to – LOL. :)

  • JulieP - Beautiful! I love the charge to the groom before the bride enters. Love it.

  • Emily - These are SO good!!!