The promise of spring

This morning as I left my apartment, I was blown away by how warm it felt outside. As I strolled to my car with a little extra skip in my step I took a deep breath, savoring the crisp cool air, blue skies and sunshine.

And it was a perfect reminder that though it’s been a long, cold winter, there will be spring. Non matter how dark and difficult a season, there is the promise of spring, the promise of change to help us through.

I am really struggling with Josue being gone (he’s in El Salvador while we wait for his immigration paperwork)…life feels empty without my best friend–my partner in crime.

Today I was reminded that this too is just for a season. Though this “winter” of separation has been incredibly hard and emotionally exhausting, I am going to cling to the promise of spring. Just like the warm air and flower buds, our spring will come too, and we will be together again…hopefully soon.

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