all I want for {my birthday?} is you

I want to catch you up on life with the Galans these days, so here’s a not-so-short update on our current situation.

The hubs and I are in the midst of immigration paperwork for him to have permanent residency and all that stuff.  That means a few things:

a. I am in Kentucky.

b. He is in El Salvador.

c. We are apart (in case you missed that)

d. Acronyms like USCIS and NVC dominate our daily conversations (and prayers)

e. We miss each other a lot.

The whole process feels painfully long and is so intimidating.  I am constantly reminding myself that though USCIS and the NVC would like you to think they are the end-all-be-all, they are, however, not.  And my God is bigger.

I was hoping (in all my naivete) that I’d have the hubs back by the end of this month, or most certainly be Valentine’s day, but as the days creep by with no word from the NVC about an interview at the embassy, my hopes are waning and my spirits sinking.  My birthday is March 6, and the best birthday present ever would be to have my love back home.

Winter is my favorite…the beautiful white snow (that we’ve had soo much of this year), fuzzy slippers, warm fires, hot tea, and, of course, the perfectly smooth hair.  I would love nothing more than snuggle up close with the hubs, watch CSI Miami, and cook (and eat) his favorite Spanish lentil soup together.

But alas, that’s not our reality right now.

Instead I’m pouring over the hundreds of emails we’ve sent one another over the last three plus years, and scouring through our pictures to prove to Immigration and crew that we really are madly in love and would give just about anything to be together.  Let’s just say, there should be no doubt that we are legit after we bombard them with our sappy love notes, and ridiculous amounts of lovey dovey pictures.

For now we’ll take it a day at a time.  We’ll keep skyping (thank goodness for skype), praying, and trusting that God’s timing is perfect!

We are sooo blessed to have our families and friends close through all of this…you are all invited to the welcome home party we’ll be hosting for Josue…sometime soon!

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  • Stephanie Lyell - Good job keeping a positive attitude…what you are going through is tough. I will keep you in my prayers :)

  • susannah - Thanks, friend. We so appreciate it!

  • julie comfort - Best of luck to you both. Sometimes time to miss each other is a gift. I was just thinking from a photography perspective how wonderful it would be to document your reunion. Few moments in life are filled with that much love and excitement. But you’re in my thoughts. Staying positive is paramount.

  • Hannah Stephens - Will pray for you all Susannah!

  • Josue - I’m hoping to be back soon!
    I miss my beautiful bride!

  • Cali Joelle Frey - awww…this just about made me cry…love you guys.

  • Echo - Okay, I’m already sappy enough for a good love story as is. Being pregnant multiplies that by a million. I love you both… and Josue I can’t wait to meet you! Hopefully I can meet you at your coming home party! Praying for you both always. Love endures all things, believes all things, and hopes all things…LOVE NEVER FAILS!!