rice and coke

I can still see her, standing in the kitchen patiently stirring in a small green plastic cup with a tall silver spoon.  The spoon clanks against the ice, and the sides of the cup, and the coke in the cup fizzles until there are no bubbles left. She brings me the small cup with a straw and instructs me to sip it slowly.  I sit up on the couch, and push back the blanket so I can sip my flat coke.  It tastes wonderful after 24 hours of ice chips and gatorade.

Did you know that regular Coca-Cola (not diet) has something in it’s syrup that helps settle your stomach?  Like scientifically proven?  It’s true.  My wonderful parents knew that, and so it was what they always gave us when we were sick.  And it’s the reason that I’ve never liked Coke.  I’ve always associated it with sickness, so I have never had a taste for it…except for when I’m sick, of course.

So today, on this snowy sick day, I’m sitting at home sipping on flat Coke, and eating small bites of plain white rice.  And I’m thankful…for parents who know so much, and for the simple things in life…like Coca-Cola.

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  • Jackie - Have you ever had rice cooked in coca cola? It’s a Colombian recipe! and it’s super yummy! :)