all the bright lights

I was only slightly nervous as I navigated my way through Friday afternoon rush-hour traffic toward the Vegas strip, driving my friend’s car.  I made it in about 45 minutes and was quite proud of myself that I didn’t get lost!  The MGM was just two blocks away!  …but those two blocks took me a painful 45 minutes (more) to maneuver.  I turned in to what seemed to be the entrance, and followed the road around through the huge MGM compound.  After some major frustration, a few tears, and many circles around the MGM I finally handed off the keys to the man at valet (not before slipping down my sunglasses to cover my red eyes), and handed my luggage to the bell man.

I had arrived at the MGM.  I waltzed into the sweet-smelling, crowded lobby in my not-so-hot workout wear and checked in, then wandered slowly through a forest of slot machines to the elevators.  I collapsed in exhaustion into my hotel bed, flipped on the TV and stayed there for the next 4 hours (so much for exploring) until my roomie arrived!

Being here is always an adventure…there’s so much to learn (at the conference, of course) and so much to explore!  I’m incredibly grateful for my two sweet friends from home whom I visited my first few days here.  They have been incredibly helpful (both last year and this year) in teaching me how to navigate Vegas.  You know, who to tip, how much to tip and of course, what slots to play (penny slots of course)!

Today the conference begins officially and I’m prepared for a full fledged headache of information, and a sea of photographers!  What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, right?

I leave you with a few pictures I snapped last night as Whitney and I took a lil walk down the strip!

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