a lil more las vegas

I got back a little over a week ago from Las Vegas and my mind is still reeling from all that I learned and saw!  The conference was incredibly worthwhile!

I’ve never had any strong desire to go to Las Vegas, but alas, WPPI is held there…every year so I’ll be returning again next year.  It’s unlike any place I’ve ever been, and in that way it’s spectacular.  Everything is over the top.  The bigger, brighter, and sparklier (that’s right, I just made that up), the better.

I was so lucky this year to go with a friend and fellow photographer from Kentucky…and everything was twice as good with someone to share it all with!  …isn’t she cute?  Check out her spectacular work over at Whitney Rae Photography!

pin thisInside the Cosmopolitan (a suuuuper cool new hotel/casino on the strip) is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced…a 3 story chandelier.  And inside it is a mall, a cool little bar, and sitting area.  Upon seeing it, I promptly called Josue to announce to him that when we build a house we will have a chandelier room.undefinedpin thisundefinedpin thisI have a thing for crystal and sparkles.undefinedpin thisOne night Pictage hosted an incredible party for their beloved users, and it was spectacular.  Complete with dancer/acrobats that came down from the ceiling.  dang.undefinedpin thisat that same party, this scene caught my eye.  Something about the backlit bottles and dark silhouettes…I love how dark and mysterious it is!

undefinedpin this

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  • Julie - Dang. Sorry I had to miss this one! Pictage did it up this year for sure!