Little Bee


I’m not much of a reader…don’t get me wrong, I love me a good page-turner…once or twice a year.  I’m incredibly A.D.D (ask anyone who knows me), and I like to be doing approximately 15 things at one time.  Being still?  quiet?  long enough to read more than a paragraph?  sooooo not my thing.  (someone remind me why I was a journalism major?)

Then that brings us to my problem…or let’s call it a dilemma.  I really love blogging, and reading blogs.  I want to produce quality content on my blog.  So this year, at the recommendation of another photographer/blogger, I decided to start reading for inspiration.  Reading well written literature, poetry and novels as inspiration.  In the same way I look to art and music as inspiration for photography.

My dear, dear friend Fran who is an avid reader (I’m not sure avid is really does her justice…she could read a novel day…easily) and incredible writer was kind enough to send me a list of her top 10 recent reads, complete with a short synopsis and description.  Talk about a good friend!

I very methodically chose my first book from her list by searching for each one on Amazon and finding which was cheapest.  Impressive, right?

I finished it on the flight out to Las Vegas for WPPI, and was equally devastated and relieved it was over.

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Little Bee is the story of a refugee girl who is trying to find her way in England.  Written in narrative form with two unique voices, the book draws you in and introduces you to an array of characters that will make you laugh and break your heart, all on the same page.  Chris Cleave is a British author, and this was my first time to read a book by him.  Let’s just say I’ll most certainly look for his name on Amazon again.

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  • Fran - Ah! I am so honored to be featured. And I am glad you enjoyed it. Many more recommendations where that came from. Love you.