he changed how i shoot {for photographers}

Last year I landed in Vegas wide-eyed and clueless.  Being my first time in Vegas and at WPPI, I was quite lost as to where to start.  That night, after bursting into tears when I arrived 3 minutes late for registration and was denied access to the opening session of WPPI, I sat at a penny slot and cranked away as I sipped on a glass of wine.

A few hours later, I wandered back up to my room, threw myself onto the bed, and flipped open the program guide for WPPI.

To say I was unprepared would be the understatement of the century.

I recognized approximately 3 names on the speaker list.  Instead of doing the logical thing, and googleing them, I arbitrarily chose what platform speakers to go see.

For my first class I picked Jesh De Rox.  Because his name was ridiculously cool (so much so that I wondered if he made it up, like rockstars sometimes do), and because the title of his session was Beloved.  BELOVED!  I love that word!  I love how Beth Moore calls you that in her Bible studies too!

best choice I’ve made as a photographer.

And so, I arrived at 8 am to a very full conference room, and found some nice looking strangers to sit by.

Then Jesh came on stage, and he shared his heart his vision.  the beloved movement.  He was honest, transparent, witty, and incredibly inspiring.

I learned so much that day.

I learned to look a little deeper into each of my clients, and see how beautiful and unique each one is.

I realized the value of transparency as a photographer.

I understood what I had searched to put into words for so long…the value of being genuine with my clients, and allowing them to be genuine with me (and my camera) in return.

He helped me grasp the importance of photography and how it can change people’s self-confidence, relationships, and even their lives.

When you photograph someone, whether or not you realize it, you get to show them who they are.  Did you catch that?  They’re asking you “show me who I am”!  Do you understand the responsibility now?

Jesh ended his session with a slideshow of images from his Beloved sessions while playing and singing a song he wrote.

There was not a dry eye in that room of 900 photographers.

I walked away changed.

That’s why it was such a ridiculously amazing honor to be published on the Beloved blog last year.

That’s also why you should TOTALLY take advantage of the free webinar he is offering this Wednesday night.  You just need to sign up here.

*note to photogs: I’ll be watching it at my house, and any of you are welcome to join!

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  • Jennifer Williams - Jesh changed my life. I spent 3 days at his workshop in Seattle last April and it us beyond explanation. It changed who I am and gave me a lot of perspective. I approach my business a lot differently now.