besties, scones, and rockstars

yep.  that basically sums up my Saturday!

The day began with a lovely morning run with my dear friend Hannah, a trip to Kroger, then an entire afternoon of baking.  We made a plethera of tasty treats to take to our dear friend Rachel.  Who happens to hang out with rockstars like Sara Bareilles for a living, thus living on a tour bus and not eating very many homemade things.  Well in all her coolness, she got us tickets to Sara’s show in Covington that night!

After hours of mixing, chopping, baking, cooling and packaging we glanced at the clock and realized we had exactly 20 minutes to extract the insane amounts of flour from every surface of our bodies, shower, put on make-up and style hair, and find our best rockstar outfits!!! (oh, and be at our other bestie, Megan’s house to leave town)!!! A flutter of sparkles, hairspray, and one-too-many outfits ensued, but we made to Megan’s house at 4 on the dot!

With these beautifully yummy baked goods in hand:

1. Banana Oat Bran Muffins with Chocolate Chips (the Oat Bran muffin recipe is here, however we subbed 2 bananas for most of the applesauce, and added chocolate chips…really, what recipe doesn’t benefit from adding chocolate?)

2. Brown Butter Toffee Blondies (from Martha Stewart’s cookie cookbook, of course)

3. Cranberry Lemon Scones with White Chocolate chips (our adaptation of this Smitten Kitchen recipe)

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Megan is my other wonderful best friend who happens to be in med-school right now…which, stressful as it is (for her), it is also incredibly exciting because when I met Megan 12 years ago on our first day of seventh grade, she already knew she wanted to be a doctor!  And it’s been so neat to share life with her ever since and see her work hard to make her dreams come true!  These three girls (Hannah, Rachel, and Megan) mean the world to me.  We’ve been best friends since middle school (though some of us go even farther back), and have had so many adventures together.  Our friendships have endured many seasons of separation (considering we’ve collectively lived in France, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico and Bolivia over the past few years), not to mention Rachel who lives on a tour bus currently, and is in a different city almost every night.  These three were in my wedding, see:

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Anyways, I got all emotional there for a minute (it’s because we’ve had this wonderyear of living back in KY together which we thought would never happen, and now it’s about to be over:( ) …Anyways…

We hit the road to Covington and made (what seemed like) great time…but it’s probably just due to the fact that we love being together so much that time just flies.  When we got into town we found Rach, who promptly took us back to the tourbus she lives on where we met the totally-awesome-and-incredibly-down-to-earth band (yes, that includes Sara, and yes, I know, I’m now a big deal by association), and hung out with Rachel’s parents who had headed up to visit her as well.  They’re kinda like our “other” parents…we love them a lot.

(sidenote: run-on sentences are totally acceptable on blogs because blogs set their own rules and the internet no longer has to be formal even though my mom might disagree so please don’t judge me, k? good.)

The three of us ventured out to find food, and after a series of mostly accidental turns we ended up in the very adorable Mt. Adams, the wanna-be San Francisco of Cincinatti.  We walked through the icky rain til to the first decent looking restaurant, and gratefully slid into the warmth.  While the food at Mt. Adam’s Bar and Grill left a lot to be desired, the company and views were quite lovely.

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Then there was the concert.


no, but seriously, it was fantastic.  Sara is an incredible performer, not to mention a super talented musician…along with all her awesome band!  The venue was super hot, and my gray shirt had embarassingly bad pit stains, but it happens to the best of us, right?

here are a few images (ok, so maybe a little more than a few) from that totally awesome show!  Oh, and if you don’t have Kaleidoscope Heart already, do yourself  a favor and go buy it now.

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oh yeah, after the show we helped Rach count her merch, clean up, then headed back to the bus to hang out with the cool kids.  again.  except we aren’t really that cool because it was 1 am and we were tired like old women.  so after a a few more minutes of coolness, we bid goodbye to our beloved Rachel and newfound friends and hit the road back to Lex.  And got in at 3 am.

I’m too old to stay up that late… :)

And finally, sometime after a drowsy phone conversation with my beloved husband, my head hit the pillow and my wonderful day came to a close.  I guess when you have a day that fantastic it’s good to make it last as long as possible!


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  • Caitlin - Once again, you are AMAZING! Teach me how to photograph food like you do sometime maybe? ;)

  • Natasha - This sounds like my dream day! I love to bake, I love love Sara Bareilles, and i love love love my friends! Awesome :)

  • susannah - for sure, Cait! …that is, in exchange for one of your red velvet cupcakes… :)

  • susannah - Natasha, it kinda was a dream day :)

  • Cailyn - Beautiful photos! And I am so jealous of your seats at the Sara Barielles show!

  • Erica Fox - way cute post. i met sara b in an elevator in St. louis…it was a slightly embarrassing convo..i’m a huge fan and didn’t recognize once i realized it was her, i introduced myself like she should know me…great memory :)

  • Rachael - SO fun! The pics are wonderful! True friends like that are treasures for sure! Great job taking us with you on the fun adventure! :) Love ya!

  • Hannah Stone - your blog makes me very happy to be me and thus be friends with you.

  • Cali Joelle Frey - i love this…makes me smile :)

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  • Angie Barber - Oh my goodness! This just made me smile so much…such fond memories of you all and it makes me miss you all sooo much more! Love ya!

  • susannah - Angie, we were actually talking about how much we miss you that day! I hope all is well for you and your sweet family!

  • Sandra - Wonderful post! Good food, great friends, amazing music…beautiful pics. You have captured the essence of the day and night – what joy! Sweet memories to treasure. Thanks for giving us the chance to share that really special time. And judge your run ons – not I. But your adorable tumbleofwordsthataresoyou did catch my eye with a hidden unintended.