singin in the rain

tonight i got caught out in the rain.  and by that i mean, dounpour.  oh, then i couldn’t find my car in the parking lot…i can only imagine that i was quite a sight.  (you know, because most reasonable people stayed inside the grocery store waiting for it to “let up”…but who knew when that would be?

by the time i got in my car every inch of me was dripping…my jeans were stuck tight to my legs, and the weight of the water had them slowly sliding down…my rainbows were drenched and my shirt was stuck in that not very flattering way to my skin.

and i couldn’t help but do a little jig and sing a little Gene Kelly.  check out this video…i love how he eventually tosses the umbrella and just enjoys it.  :)

pin thisi bet that scene was so fun to film!

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  • Sandra - How very special that you like that Gene Kelly film clip. I love it! And your Dad and I first took a bit of a shine to each other after a lovely walk in a warm Florida rain…so it must be in your blood.