Easter at home

yeah, I know.  Easter was last week.  Good thing pictures don’t go bad like food does!

I had a beautiful Easter with my family (sadly, the husband is still out of the country).  And around my house family is a loose term.  You see, we seem to have a habit of adopting people into our family, and so it’s continually growing.  I’ve loved this since childhood, and I appreciate it more every year I grow older.  So our Easter a few adoptive aunts and uncles, etc. We ate a feast (you might have been confused, as our banquet was more Thanksgiving like than Easterly!).  Then we played games and laughed for hours.  We’re good at those things too.  Actually that sums up my family pretty well.

Food. Games. Laughter.

I think that’s our motto. :)

p.s. I made these awesome cupcakes.  be impressed. (recipes here, here and here)

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only awesome aunts and uncles like my sister-in-law Britney can make kids do things like draw pictures on their heads :)undefinedpin thisbeautiful table before…and after.

undefinedpin thissince my mom’s birthday fell a few days later we surprised her with some awesome cupcakes and gifts!  My dad got her a Kindle (and she TOtally didn’t see it coming)!undefinedpin thishaha and I just had to add that picture of my nephew Micah…that expression is hysterical!

Happy Belated Easter, friends!  I hope you were able to remember what it’s all about!

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