feels like Christmas

…and not because it’s cold and rainy outside (you Kenutckians know what I mean…)

but because yesterday…

something came in the mail…

actually a few things.

but the most exciting?



<deep breath>

which means he really is coming home.

and we bought him a ticket!!!


and it’s all I can think about.

and I can’t stop smiling.

and on top of all that goodness…

my new macro lens came in the mail yesterday!!!

which means really cool macro pictures like this one of my herbs.

undefinedpin thisand this one of my rings!!!undefinedpin this



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  • The Honduran Jazz Man - That is such a blessing. The lens of course.

  • JulieP - Sweet!

  • Cailyn - YAY!!! I’m so excited for you! :D

  • susannah - Honduran Jazz man? really, david? hehe :)

  • Shannon Heitzman - I’m sooooo excited for the two of you!!!! You have been so strong during all of this. So happy for you!

  • Ingal - Susannah,

    Hi, my name is Ingal and I live in Costa Rica.
    I just wanted to say congrats for your husband comming home… it really touched me every time I read about you difficult situation.

    Blessings for both of you!!

  • susannah - Ingal, Thank you so much! We are thrilled to be (almost) together again!

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