big news!

so we have some BIG NEWS to share.

and it’s kind of a big deal…

some of you may have heard the rumor elsewhere…

and so


right here

on our sweet little blog

we’re gonna fill you in.

we hope you’re ready…

because here’s the news:

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where to, you ask?

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well actually…

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We are thrilled and overwhelmed at the same time!  The company Josue has been working with for almost 4 years now (the same one that took him to Costa Rica where we met) asked him to transfer to their office in Northern Virginia and after many prayers and conversations we decided to take it!  What other time in our lives will we be able to just pick up and move somewhere as exciting as DC?  Not to mention the entire east coast!

We took these pictures while we were out there last week house hunting!  Hooray for such an exciting area to live!!!

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so this means a few things…

-We’ll be traveling back and forth from Kentucky a lot over the next few months for weddings and sessions.  That means if you are hoping to do a session this fall then we should talk soon to make sure I schedule a slot for you on one of my trips to KY!

-We are in the market for friends/church/cool-spots in the DC area…we’d loooove to hear any of your thoughts or recommendations!

-there was something else but I can’t remember it now…maybe it will come to me later ;)


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  • LaineBrake - i can’t even believe it. after all these years trying to convince my friends to move there– le sighhhhhh. we’ll be on complete different coasts! east & west! oh well. i’m OH SO excited for you guys. i know loads of people there. not to mention my entire fam. i’ll have to give you some numbahs. XOXO.

  • Jen Johnson - Congrats! I lived in DC for four years after college. It’s SO FUN!!! Be sure to check out McLean Bible Church. I’ve been in CA for 10 years now and I still miss it!

  • tina - I guess you know Hannah Stone is moving there too… I know she’ll LOVE having you close by. Angie will be relieved too to know you guys are in DC together. Best wishes and blessings to you both!

    Tina Pugel

  • Hannah Stone - I would like to recommend my self as Resident Best Friend

  • Sandra - What an adventure awaits! Look forward to seeing your new place there. (And to taking in the sights of DC together. And biking some trails.) I like the cute pictures you took to announce your news! Of course, we’ll miss you tons here.

  • leah aubrey - CONGRATS!!!! I go there a lot for work so now I can take you out for a drink!!!