The Wedding {and festivities} of Jeff and Anna {part 1}


I don’t know when our friendship began exactly…or if there ever was a beginning.  We were just always friends.  From birth, I guess.  We grew up together; our two families felt more like one big extended family.  We did birthday parties, shopping trips, canoe trips, and even a year of high school together.

Since I can’t seem to pin down a favorite memory with you, here are a few that stand out (in no particular order):

-the day we made a box of brownies and ate the whole bowl of batter before baking it…(my stomach hurts just thinking about it…)

-the year you danced the part of Swan Queen in the Nutcracker (after having seen you dance almost every other part in the show in years prior, it was incredible.  you were spectacular)

-my first gap outlet trip with you, your mom, and the Hardy girls…(I’ve never shopped the same since :)

-chasing peacocks after church (I don’t know why the sunday school teachers thought it was a good idea to always let the kids out before the parents…)

-the day we sat on my couch and you told me about this really really cute new dance student you had named Jeff, and how you’d totally date him if you were allowed…

the list could go on, but I’ll leave it there for now.

My sweet friend Anna, I am so happy for you, and I am incredibly honored that you chose me to photograph your wedding and festivities.

Jeff, welcome to the family :)  We wish you two a lifetime full of love and laughter!

-Susannah (and Josue)


and without further ado, I give you part 1 of the Ostrander/Alliston wedding week: Anna’s Bridal Session, the Bridesmaid’s Luncheon, and the Rehearsal Dinner

earrrrrly Wednesday morning we shot Anna’s Bridal session…and let me tell you, it was SO worth getting up at 6 am for pictures like these!

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Friday (the bridesmaid’s luncheon):

a few shots from the lovely, poignant bridesmaid’s luncheon out at The Storybook Inn (a stunning spot for a garden party or luncheon)…

pin thisFriday (the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner) at Equus Run Vineyards and Dudley’s new location downtown (also a fantastic party room)!

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