Engagement: Meghan and Eric

super awesome couple+adorable dog+downtown wilmore at sunset = fabulous engagement session!

We had so much fun with  Meghan and Eric and their adorable pup Laken.  We even got the extra bonus of seeing Meghan’s parents for a few minutes…in case you missed the sneak peek, we go way back. :)

pin thispin thistalk about awesome, i’m loooving the reflection in those windows!pin thispresh.pin thispin thispin thisin case you haven’t noticed, Meghan and Eric did a fabulous job of coordinating outfits without being too matchy!  Don’t they look fantastic?pin thispin thiswell hello there, supermodels.  pin thispin thispin thisMeghan+Eric+Laken=1 happy little family {to be}pin thispin thisfavorites. by far.
pin thisso so sweet. pin thispin thispin thishow awesome is this uprooted tree?  love it!  (almost as much as I love the bare feet)pin thispin this

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  • Paige Hollans - I loooove the train tracks with their backs turns, and the where they are kissing with the door looking directly at you. How sweet. :)