feels like home

This week we’ve been working hard to get everything together for our second bedroom.  Last night we painted until late, and almost finished!  We picked a gooorgeous gray that is absolutely perfect on the walls!

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As we painted we talked.  About the room, the apartment, and our new life here, and I told Josue how homey this place feels to me.  He agreed.  We (/I) lived in our last apartment for over a year and it never felt quite this home-like or settled.  Maybe it’s because we didn’t really decorate it, or because we knew it was temporary.

But I think the real reason is that for half the year we lived there, we were separated.  And nowhere feels quite like home without him.  This place feels like a fresh start.  A home thats ours.  And I can’t think of anything better.  Living here…making a life here has felt so natural.  And we are so grateful.

My prayer for the six months we spent apart was always that I would never again take our time together for granted.

And I haven’t.

I tell him almost daily how immensely blessed we are and how incredibly thankful I am that we get to do life together.

so in honor of that, here’s a photo I found on an old hard drive recently from our engagement session by Catana Photography.

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