A la Modish Children’s Fashion | Fall Collection

It was a chilly November day (the 14 to be exact) in Lexington.  I drove slowly through the lines of cars down old streets lined with tall trees and beautiful stone homes.  When I finally found a parking spot, a good mile from the event, I slipped my little Subaru in and put the car in park.  I flipped down my mirror and did one last check on my puffy eyes before heading into the heavily-decorated, old elementary school.

I wound my way through booth after booth of gourmet sweets, custom jewelry, gift-baskets and more.  Christmas music jingled on the loudspeakers while an army of well-dressed women shopped happily.  I finally found my sister who was working her shift at the Mary Kay booth (only the awesomest make-up on the planet) and put my heavy purse behind it before heading out to explore with her for a few minutes.  We hadn’t made it far before she looked at me again and hugged me and asked how I was.  That was all it took…I burst into sobs on her shoulder.

Josue had just left the day before for El Salvador, and I didn’t know when he’d be back.  We were in the midst of our very long immigration paperwork process, and I was a mess.  After I worked my tears out, blotted my insanely red eyes, and blew my stuffy nose (the lovely combination of too much crying and a bad cold) we continued on and did what we do best…shop.  We tasted every kind of fancy dip you can imagine, bought little Christmas presents for family members, and laughed at some of the more outrageous things being sold at the Holly Day Market.  She has always known how to cheer me up…I guess that’s what family is fore.

When we made it back to the Mary Kay booth an hour later there was a smile on my face, and a load Christmas gifts in my bag.  My sister said there was someone she wanted to introduce me to, and walked me over to the A La Modish booth where I met Andrea.

Little did I know, that moment began a friendship I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Andrea and I exchanged business cards that day, and over the next few months became familiar with one another’s businesses and exchanged emails.  Andrea is a fashion designer who had recently launched her line of gorgeous children’s clothes.   I was incredibly honored when, a few months later, she asked me to photograph her 2011 fall line for her, and I jumped at the opportunity.

We shot at the Bodley Bullock house one cold winter morning, and it was the perfect backdrop for her line of timeless children’s clothes.  We had two of the most adorable models who did a fantastic job too!

I’ve had to sit on these images for almost 9 months so I am thrilled to finally share with you the A La Modish fall line that just became available online and in stores yesterday!

bodley bullock housepin thislexington childrens photographerpin thisthis is one of my favorite images from the shoot…soo timeless.lexington childrens photographerpin thisthis is a shot of Andrea’s son Gavin, in one of the boy’s ties from the fall line.  This kid was made to model.
lexington childrens photographerpin this

If you are as in love as I am with this great line, hop on over to the online store and get shopping!  This line is also available in boutiques across the country including the following locations in Kentucky:

Oopsie Daisies in Mt. Sterling

Hopscotch in Lexington

Itzy Bitzy Boutique in Paintsville

The Polka Dot Castle in Barbourville

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