snapshot: a perfectly normal evening

The street lights had just turned on, and the sky was a deep indigo blue.  The last light of day was quickly fading, and a cool fall breeze blew gently.  My hand in his, we walked one last loop around the block, catching our breath from a beautiful run along a wooded trail.

The sound of his phone right broke the silence.  We entered our apartment building, and I paused by the tall wall of metal mail boxes to check ours.

I turned the miniature key in the lock, and pulled out a small stack of mail.  I sorted past a few pages of coupons, a credit card offer and an envelope from our new insurance company, to a slim magazine and my heart skipped a beat…

the J. Crew fall catalog!

I did a little dance inside and turned the first page, savoring every bright color and cable-knit sweater.  Josue bound ahead of me, up the concrete stairs and out of sight as he chatted on the phone with his sister.  I made my way up slowly, distracted by the gorgeous Italian leather, mint green flats on page 18.

J. Crew flatspin this

I absentmindedly opened the door to our apartment and stepped over the bags and boxes in our entry way.  I plopped down on the couch to finish the catalog, and before I could flip to the next page it hit me.

…an immense wave of contentment and gratitude.  for my wonderful husband.  for our new home.  and for this incredible adventure that we get to live together every day.  I breathed a silent prayer of thanks.

because we are so immensely blessed.

then I paused to take it all in.

because I don’t want to ever forget that feeling.  or these days…the ordinary ones.  The deep blue skies, crisp fall air, and late night dinners.  The love.

so here’s another snapshot…of these ordinary days.

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