Merry Christmas 2011

As I lay in the guest bed at my parent’s house, the sun is streaming through the window and I can hear my husband out in the living room watching football and chatting with my parents.

And I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the big and small things in this life (loved ones, beer cheese and board games top the list).  But the presents, the music and the food would be meaningless without family and dear friends to share with.

But even more than that, I’m deeply grateful yet again for the wondrous grace of our Savior, who humbly came to earth as a baby all those years ago to be a Light in this dark world.  I love to imagine what that night was like, when the angels filled the sky, singing in perfect harmony the announcement of the birth of the King.  The long awaited Messiah.  The Holy One of Israel. As we prepare to worship tonight, words fail me to truly express my heart.  If you haven’t read it recently, I encourage you to find a Bible and re-read the Christmas story (Luke 1-2 is a great place to start).

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to photograph a tiny newborn baby girl: Chloe Elizabeth Prather.  Here’s a little peek!

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  • Hannah - This baby is PERFECT. So is Christmas.

  • Wayne - The “stuff” is just that. It really is not important. Our relationships with each other and with Him are the REAL blessing of this glorious season. What a beautiful photo of that precious child! A reminder of how He came to us on that dark night lit by a star so many centuries ago. Thanks for the reminder of all that is important.