2012 Goals and Dreams

It’s a new year, and again and the perfect time to look ahead!

Dream Big, Plan Big, and don’t be afraid to try.

did you catch that?

don’t be afraid to try.

I think I’m speaking that more to myself than anyone else…too many times in my life I have been afraid to commit or set goals for fear of failure.  or rejection.

It’s much more comfortable to sit on a plump throne of mediocrity.

But that’s not for me.  Not anymore.

This year as I grow Alumbra in a new city, grow Unveil nationally, and work in my family’s granola business

I’m dreaming big.  I’m not settling for less.

So a few things I want to accomplish this year?

  • serious improvement in my  French skills
  • reach more women with the Unveil experience (on a national and international level)
  • be more intentional about people and relationships
  • stress less
  • exercise more (I’m signed up for the Cherry Blossom Run in just 3 months!)
  • finish my new website (hopefully in the next month)
  • keep my priorities straight (God, family, business)
  • serve more.  (serve people, the church, my husband, my clients…)

In light of that, I’ll leave you with this inspring prayer that I’m adopting from Sir Francis Drake in 2012. (shared with my by the talented Sarah Danahar):

sir francis drakepin this


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  • Sandra - As one who has spent time on the ocean and loved “boating time,” I attest to the brilliance of the stars, the further you are out from shore! Really like this post. Inspirational!

  • Michelle G - Big hugs and best wishes for your 2012! I bet this is going to be an amazing year for you. And btw, you. are. amazing. Your work, your dreams, your words, your heart. Mwuah!

  • karina koska - Thanks Susy… You just inspired me :] Love ya! xoxo

  • Fran - I love this – so timely! My dear Sus I love your big dreams. They inspire me to dream bigger, too. I guess that makes us…dreamgirls.