the code

Every time I make a phone call to an official entity or organization like an airline, cell phone company, or Internet provider etc. they always ask me to spell something out for them.  Maybe it’s my name, or possibly my account number or confirmation code.

And every time, I feel so silly for not knowing the official code.  (Is it called IPA?…no, that’s phoenetics..).

You know, the word code they use in space movies…and on phone calls?

And so I always give it my best shot …”yes, the confirmation code is B  as in Bread, F as in Fast, Z as in umm, err, zebra, G as in Granola and C as in Cheese.” (so what if they are mostly food references?  I like food!)

And they reply with, “let me repeat that back to you ma’am, that was Bravo, Foxtrot, Zulu, Golf, Charlie?”  (I had to google the correct way to say those…)

And then I drop my head in shame because I’m an adult, small business owner, and college graduate and I have yet to learn the stinking adult letter code alphabet!

Just when I start to feel all grown up…

…I remember how much I have left to learn. :)

And since I don’t ever want to stop learning would someone please send me a link to the real code?  (and tell me how to properly refer to it?)

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  • Fran - I am the same way. When I worked at my last job, I made up my own alphabet. I came up with an animal for every letter. Are you surprised? I only know A-G, and T. And now Z, because you said it. I learned it from the train operator recordings at the airports :)

  • cara - ok. seriously. i didn’t even know there was a for real written out code. i feel even more ridiculous now. :) thanks for the heads up :)