El Salvador Trip: November 2011

This is me catching up on some personal posts…from a long time ago.

Josue and I try to visit El Salvador every six months to see his family, and it is always so sweet.  We are both incredibly close to our families which makes it that much harder to be far away from both!

On all ES visits we generally do the following (in no particular order)

-drink copious amounts of coffee (and come back insanely addicted)

-teach the family a new board/card game

-win said board/card game a lot (or is that just me?)

-eat pupusas (on every possible occasion)

-eat too much fresh fruit (if that is even possible)

-go to the beach

-eat fresh seafood (usually ceviche) on the beach

-drink fresh coconut water (this might be my favorite part)

-take lots of mini-roadtrips (I mean, it only takes 4 hours to cross the whole country…)


So looking back at that list…basically we hang out with family and eat a lot.  That pretty much sums up family time with the Marlowes too!

Here are som photos from our last trip:

My father-in-law is absolutely smitten with Rebeca.  Granted, she is his first grandchild and his baby girl’s baby girl.

Let me tell you, people…he is a new man.  He used to be quiet and reserved.  Until this little one showed up!  I’ve never seen him so crazy happy in all the years I’ve known him!

I love the feel of this picture…there’s something about dusk.

fotografia el salvadorpin thisEl Salvador sunsets…are my favorite.
fotografia el salvadorpin thisI become the bad guy on ever trip down…you know, the one who makes everyone take an afternoon off, wear coordinating clothes, and do a family photoshoot.  But aren’t they a good looking bunch?
fotografia el salvadorpin thisthen we all took turns taking pictures with Rebeca.  no, seriously.  One by one, we all got one with the kid.  In Spanish you  might call her la concentida.  But look at that sweet face!

fotografia el salvadorpin thisThe three Galán siblings.  Little fact for you… Galán in Spanish means handsome or galant.  Not a bad last name!

Left to Right: Samuel, Dina, Josué (youngest to oldest).

fotografia el salvadorpin thisJ and I are so blessed to both have parents who have incredible marriages.  While we were in ES we celebrated Josué’s parent’s 30th anniversary.  And I love these sweet pictures we got of them! fotografia el salvadorpin thisa little ES countrysidefotografia el salvadorpin thisI think one of the best parts of marriage is getting to adopt a new family…I am seriously blessed.  Not only are my in-laws pretty fantastic, but my grandparent in-laws (is there a word for that?) are awesome.

My mother-in-law’s parents have been married for 56 years and they have been in ministry just as long.  They have incredible hearts, and have accepted me so warmly into the family.  (Though Papa Cristobal sometimes gets confused and calls me Roxana…).

Mama Luisa gives the best hugs of the whole family… she is all of 4 and a half feet tall but boy can she hug!

They are both in their 80’s are in incredible health…they still go to their farm to work their land and bring home all the wonderful fruits and vegetables they harvest.

fotografia el salvadorpin this

As it is now public knowledge in the family that I adore coconuts, Papa Cristobal always makes a point to have some for me (well at least, I like to think it’s just for me)!  But cutting open a coconut to get in to the sweet, nutrient dense juice and ‘meat’ is hard work!  And since no one in the Galán family would let me within a mile of a machete…Papa C usually does that too!
fotografia el salvadorpin thiswe are so blessed to have such wonderful families and we are already looking forward to our next trip back¡

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  • Stephanie Lyell - This post is really really sweet and very awesome! What a cool family you married into :)

  • Rachael Bullock - love these pics! Especially that one of you drinking the coconut water – I remember Aaron talking about how much he enjoyed it when he was in Peru.

  • Sandra - You charmed me from start to finish with this blog. I love it! And grandparents in law are wonderful. Can’t wait for you to come here so we can laugh and eat and play games!!!

  • Iveth Thompson - Hello I was doing some research on the Galan family name and ran into this blog. I have to say it such a beautiful blog. I love your pictures especially of the “vejos” My grandparents are just like that and we pretty much spend our vacations in el salvador the same way too and do the same things you do <3 I was curious in what camera you were using and what lens?

    Iveth Vasquez-Thomspon

  • susannah - Hi Iveth,

    The photo was taken by my 50 1.4 lens on my Nikon D700! Probably my favorite combination! :)