25…you’re going to be my best year yet

Yesterday I turned 25.  (actually the day before yesterday but I forgot to publish this post)


Birthdays are like personal new years, so I took the opportunity to reflect.

In 25 years I have visited 22 countries, lived in 4, learned to speak another language fluently and studied two others, finished college, and started a business. Actually two (I’m also part of an awesome family business: www.marlowegranola.com )!

And as wonderful as each of those things is, none of it would be worthwhile without the people God has placed in my life; my family, my lifelong friends, and most of all my dear husband.

I am who I am today because of those people, and I can’t imagine life without them.

As I reflect I can’t help but feel immensely blessed by the opportunities I have been given, and most of all the wonderful people in my life.  Even through difficult times, I can look back now and see God’s immense faithfulness, and the loving support of my family and friends…and for that I am so grateful.

So here’s to a new year in a new city…I can’t wait to live out the new adventures that await!


Here are a few Instagram pics from my day!  (if we aren’t already friends on Instagram we should be! My username is: alumbrap)

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(I started the day with that amazing blueberry muffin from a friend and ended it with amazing creme brulee with my sweet husband…mmm)

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  • Hannah - I MUST know where that creme brûlée is from bc I am going to need to eat it. Soon. So glad you were born!